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10 Instagram Reels Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Have you jumped on the reels train yet? Reels are a great way to gain engagement and they're taking center stage on the Instagram platform. The Instagram algorithm is favoring those users who are posting at least 3-4 reels weekly. Are you ready to increase engagement?

Whether you're posting reels already or thinking about it, here are 10 Instagram ideas for Realtors.

  1. Property Tours. This is a fun way to showcase different listings in your area. Instead of the boring property tour videos, add some fun music and voiceovers to showcase homes for your potential buyers.

  2. Day in the Life. Bring your audience with you for the day. Film short segments throughout your work day to show what your life is like as a real estate agent.

  3. Market Update. Add market stats and a voiceover telling your audience about what's going on in your local market.

  4. Open House Checklist. Add some trendy music and show your audience what it's like to prep for an open house. You can even include a virtual tour as well.

  5. Staging Tips. Show your audience what you should do when you're staging or preparing your house for market. Add trendy music and voiceovers and show them you're the expert!

  6. First Time Home Buyer Tips. Create a fun reel showcasing tips for your first time home buyers. What would be something they would want to know?

  7. Seller Checklist. Create a reel with a checklist for your sellers. What should they do to prepare their house for market? These reels will show your audience that you are the expert in your niche.

  8. Neighborhood Highlights. Create a reel for popular neighborhoods or areas in your market. This is a great way to gain exposure for those folks scrolling the 'gram considering a move to your market.

  9. Local Highlights. Go out and highlight different local vendors in your town or city. This is a great wait to team up with some local business owners and generate more business and broaden your audience reach.

  10. Real estate humor. People love to be entertained! We all have some pretty funny stories out in the field. Especially, in this market. Share and create funny reels that are meant to make your audience laugh.

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