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Building Out Your 2022 Social Media Strategy

Agents ask all of the time about how to build out their social media strategy. It’s the new year and it’s time to start putting a strategy in place so that you can really amplify your presence and your business on social media.

By having a strategy in place, it will save you time and energy all while keeping you consistent. (Here’s a secret for you.. consistency is the most important part!)

Step One:

The first step in creating a social media strategy is to figure out your goals and what it is that you want out of social media. Do you want to build a bigger audience? Do you want to grow your presence on social media? Do you want to build stronger connections?

If you understand the goal, the strategy will be easier to create.

Some examples below:

I want to build a bigger audience by increasing my follower count.

I want to solely use my social media accounts for lead generation. I will utilize my account to generate leads for my real estate business.

I would like to increase my presence on social media and I can measure by the amount of engagement I’m receiving on each post.

I would like to build stronger connections with my current audience by reaching out to them on a regular basis and creating real friendships.

Go ahead and write down your 2022 goal for social media.

Step Two:

Define your target audience. Your target audience is the people that you want to reach and eventually work with down the road. Are those first-time home buyers? Are they luxury? Do they buy farm & ranch?

This will help you as you start to tailor content. Who do you want to speak to through your brand? Your target audience is who we’re trying to reach.

Write down facts about your target audience.

Who are they?

What are they interested in?

Where do they hang out?

Step Three: Start Content Planning and Curating

Our tip for content planning is plan out by quarter and stick to a content theme. You want to be in alignment with your brand and what your target audience wants to consume. It helps by using a planner or digital calendar where you can start mapping out your first quarter.

Content to start planning:

Email Campaigns that you can break into social media posts

Written copy


Video Content

It’s important to remember that you want to either educate, inspire, or entertain your audience in every post while tailoring it to your ideal audience.

You also want to start gaging your local competition. What does their account look like? What type of content are they posting? This will help you gage what’s working and what’s not working. And, NO- do not COPY their content. This is to get the creative juices flowing, my friends.

Start writing out content and matching it with photos. We highly recommend hiring a local photographer to snap your photos so that you have a photo bank ready. You can also use Canva or other stock photo websites for beautiful photos. (Aesthetic is important)

Pick a scheduler like Planoly to get your content uploaded and scheduled. You will also want to research the optimal times for posting. Go ahead and get your basis scheduled for the first month.

Step Four: Start Posting and Analyzing

You want to start paying attention to what’s gaining more engagement and what’s actually working with your ideal audience. You should be pulling your analytics on your social media platforms to see what’s working for you. It’s important to give it time but this will help you determine what you should be spending your time on creating.

Adjust and go from there.

Need help?

Send me your social media strategy and I'm happy to review.

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