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Five Signs You're Playing Small

Do you ever sit back and wonder how others are so successful? Do you wonder why you're not finding success like them?

Most of the time it's not your circumstances or that you're incapable. It's your mindset. You are more comfortable playing small than taking risks and playing to win.

Here are five signs that you're playing small.

  1. You wait for things to just "happen". If you're sitting around waiting for things to just happen to you, you're going to be waiting forever. Success doesn't just happen. It's earned. You have to stop waiting and start doing.

  2. You lack enthusiasm, energy, and heart for your job, position, or your projects. Are you stuck in a job that you don't truly love? Are you lacking the passion? Think about the things that you truly love to do. Why aren't you pursuing them?

  3. You fill your time and calendar with insignificant things. Are you too "busy"? Start by reevaluating your time. What do you spend the most time on? Is it productive and getting you closer to your goals?

  4. Criticism and saying "no" stops you in your tracks. Does criticism stop you from moving forward? Use criticism as a tool of improvement. Also, evaluate if you trust the opinion on the person giving you criticism.

  5. You believe in your own lies. You are playing small if you keep lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself you can't do something. Stop telling yourself that you'll do it tomorrow. Stop believing in your own lies. Start by setting up a system that works for you. Be honest with yourself.

Do you resonate with any of these signs? It's time to stop playing small and start playing to win.

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