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How to Hit Your Sales Goal this Month

We talk a lot about goal planning and holding each other accountable at MMC. But, what can you do THIS month to help you exceed your sales goals?

  1. Know Your Numbers. The path is in the math, my friends. As salespeople, we must know our numbers, goals, and where we stand in our business. You need to know what metric you must hit and where you are currently.

  2. Leverage Your Network. Find and use leverage in your business. This is a game changer for salespeople. Your network can help you in more ways than one.

  3. Curate content that serves your idea client. The world is on social media, your business should be on it too. Every post, every email, and every video should serve your audience in a way that's inspiring, educating, or entertaining.

  4. Audit Your Pipeline. Do this activity frequently. Who's sitting in your pipeline that could be a potential sale this month? What does your pipeline look like for next month? Just remember, every lead generation activity you do today helps set you up for future success.

  5. Follow Up Strategy. The sale is in the follow up. The proof is in the pudding. We're in sales and you must have a follow up strategy in place.

  6. Ask for the Close. ASK FOR THE BUSINESS! Don't ever walk away from a conversation without asking for the business.

  7. Serve and Give Value. Remember to always serve and give value to your clients, future clients, and audience.

Have tips to add? Comment below!

May the month of June be a good one!

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